Is it cold at night?

The weather in the desert is very extreme. It is extremely hot in the day and extreme cold at night. So we recommend you to bring lighter dresses for the day, and heavier and warmer dresses for the night. The temperature may get lower at night by a minus. It becomes colder in the winter season. November, December, January, February is winter in the Sahara desert. We recommend all of our clients to bring a warm jacket, warm clothes, and medicines as per their needs. Kam Kam Dunes will provide them with basic warming clothes like a heavy blanket.

So, while the weather is very harsh during the day, you will actually feel very cold at night. We strongly advise our clients to be prepared for the sand storm, heavy wind, heavy raining though we provide them with basic necessary things. Electricity at Kam Kam Dunes is generated by solar panels. So it is quite impossible to provide the customers with Air condition (AC) or Electric Heater. Our tents are quite harsh, so the clients may need to adjust a little bit. Kam Kam Dunes team is always ready to serve its customers with the best service. If you want extra facilities, that will cost extra charges. Feel free to contact our Executive team to get the best experience and make your tour more adventurous. 

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