Tips for good driving in Morocco

The driving rules in Morocco are pretty similar to those of other European countries. It’s all about being safe and helping others to be safe in that process. You maintain the rules of the road, give others space to drive being honest there is nothing complex in this whole process. There are simple things that you have to follow while driving in Morocco. If there is a check post you have to stop there right at that stop. You are not supposed to go and stop in front of the police. Someone flashing light on you is in most cases a sign that there’s a police check post in front. You should also put on your seatbelts. There’s no workaround in these simple things.

You will be driving through a desert where there are no civilizations up to 100s of miles in any direction. Therefore, care not to engage in any dangerous maneuvres or anything that might push you towards an accident.  As you can guess the help might take hours to reach you, in places you might not even find a network to tell people where you are or ask for their help. By the way, if you are driving a rental car it might be a good thing to remember that most of those have a High franchise.

You have to regulate your speed when you are not in a freeway. Most localities have speed detecting cameras at their entrances. One last thing you should remember for driving in Morocco is that if you are driving at night, you should try to be aware of pedestrians and cyclists. It’s very hard to notice them in the dark as they go without any light and it’s not a good idea to hit anyone.

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