Can we bring a hairdryer?

Kam Kam Dunes is powered solely by the solar panels that we have established beside our camp. Hence, the power generation is very limited until the max capacity of the solar field. Therefore, electricity is a very precious resource there. And large appliances will not and are not allowed to work. Hairdryer consumes a very large amount of electricity. So, we have prohibited the use of hairdryers in our camp using our resources.

Please note that the use of a hairdryer is not permitted in Kam Kam Dunes as it uses a high voltage that our solar panels cannot cover. Therefore, please arrange something else which does not run on heavy electricity for your own convenience. Any type of heavy appliances will not be allowed to run on the camp and no reasons will be accepted for the same. Therefore, plan your trip accordingly. Whereas, you are free to bring your own sources of electricity to satisfy your own need. But please remember your methods should not disrupt the environment of the Kam Kam dunes. We all have to maintain the decorum of the place at all times no matter what. This is just a matter of 2-3 days. So, try adjusting with something else and enjoy the trip differently.

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