One night at Kam Kam Dunes

One night at Kam Kam Dunes is the second most famous plans that people book. (The most famous is two nights at the desert). Enjoy the beauty of Merzouga and Kam Kam Dunes. You will be provided with every type of possible amenities there. From water supply for your shower to electricity light in your tent, everything will be available in your tents. On top of that, you will be enjoying some of the most adventurous trips of your lifetime. With our well-organized activity areas, you will be provided with an opportunity to enjoy and have fun in all sorts of desert activities. Some of the interesting activities you can enjoy here are:-

  • Quad/ATV activities (only for private tours)
  • Sand surf
  • Camel excursion

Please note:-

Camel excursion (dromedary) to see the sunset or sunrise. Witnessing sunrise and sunset from the desert is a brilliant experience. Also, you will get to ride a camel for the very first time which is another excited thing. Overall, this is an amazing experience to carry with you forever. Camel riding may be bit uncomfortable for the first time. But, get the perfect guide and you will feel great.

Time: From 15-20 minutes to one hour depending on your preferences!

Price: 20,00 € per person/excursion

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