Shopping in Morocco

Visiting Morocco is incomplete if you do not stop over Souk. Souk is the name of the Moroccan market which consists of more than 100 tiny shops. It’s a very popular market. Morocco holds an ancient artisan tradition and this is why shopping in Morocco is a must. You will definitely end up buying something once you land into Souk. Shopping is actually fun and you will feel that to the fullest here. The items are not priced there. The seller starts with a price that is more than double the actual price of that item. So, you have to be an expert in negotiating. Otherwise, your money will go to the vein. Anyways, the sellers soon drop the prices once you utter the word NO.

Crafts are very popular there. And buying one will be with you forever as a memory of the Morocco trip. But, ensure to have some cash with you. Most of the shops are tiny there and they will not accept credit cards.

Also, remember that the salespersons are very skilled and will persist you to buy something as you enter their shop. So, you should be prepared to say NO if you plan just to visit the market.

Around Kam Kam Dunes the nearest markets are in Rissani and in Erfoud. If you are interested in shopping local crafts, artesanian and food please ask your driver to stop in the Erofoud or Rissani markets.

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