Shared or private tour to Kam Kam Dunes? What to choose?

Few experiences in the world can replicate the inspirational nature of a night spent in the desert. And not to mention the sight of a setting sun as it reflects beautifully on the red dunes of Kam Kam. You absolutely need to see this mysterious place with your own eyes to appreciate it. And know how it feels exchanging chaotic Marrakech for a hidden gem in the desert. But then there is also more to consider. For example, should you choose an affordable shared option or a private tour to Kam Kam Dunes?

Truth is, both private and shared tours most certainly have their advantages. And either way, you will witness this stunning part of the world but it’s still worth knowing the difference between the two before you book. Here is a brief run down to help you organize an unforgettable experience.


Taking a shared tour from Marrakech to Kam Kam Dunes allows travel agents around the city to combine groups and individuals (12-15 persons) to share costs. Also, this is an affordable way to reach Kam Kam Dunes. The bus itself is safe and slightly more comfortable than the regular public bus. But you will be mixed with other budget tours. Unfortunately, you need to collect other travelers from various points around the city.

Having stopped in a number of shops and souvenir stalls en-route, and visiting some interests sights like Ait Ben Hadu you should reach Kam Kam Dunes in the early evening and if you are staying for one night, the bus will return to Marrakech the next morning (Marrakech drop off in Jemaa elFnaa place). If your tour ends in Fez you will go with a shared Taxi. 

– We recommend taking a 3 night 4 day tour if you want to enjoy more time in the desert.

– If you only do one night in Kam Kam Dunes  on the Shared tour, usually cannot be done the optional ATV excursion, since this supplier is closed by the time the minibus leaves. 

– The arrival in the desert is usually late so the camel ride will be done at sunrise.

​Conclusion: Shared tours are a wonderful way to keep your budget in check. But it requires patience. It is great for students that don’t mind to share the transport with other tourists but want to sleep at the best places like Kam Kam Dunes. Unfortunately, this can also mean the shared option is not the most suitable for a one night stay as this late arrival results in a very limited amount of time in Kam Kam Dunes. If you go for the shared transport it is better to book for two nights at Kam Kam Dunes so that you can enjoy a full day at the desert.


Meet your tour driver/guide (English, Spanish, or French-speaking). And the private tour will pick up you in Marrakech early in the morning to reach Kam Kam Dunes. A private tour will also avoid any unnecessary stops in the route to make the journey fast and comfortable. But, you can stop for the sights and lunch at any time, and for as long as you please. Yes, the itinerary is all yours and with an experienced driver on hand, you can be sure of an enjoyable, stress-free ride and a lot more time to enjoy Kam Kam Dunes.

Conclusion: We know exactly why a private tour is a hassle-free and more enjoyable way to visit Kam Kam Dunes. Departing Marrakech without any delays, being flexible with the timetable, and visiting the sights. We fully realize that your journey to be here is just as important as the destination itself. And in this sense, the value of a private tour will always far outweigh any monetary cost place on it.

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