Is it possible to travel to Morocco in 2022?

The answer to the (sad) question of whether you can travel to Morocco in 2022 is simple: you can.

Obviously, this means that at this time of the year (mid-January) it is not possible to enter Morocco by land, sea, or air. That’s the way things are, what can you do?

Like so many other companies in the tourism sector, this has disrupted our plans. However, fortunately, we still have people interested in coming to Kam Kam Dunes to live in the desert as a great experience.

And, of course, they ask us how to travel to Morocco, when the borders are open, how we face the new stage and all those things.

That’s why we have decided to dedicate this post to the subject.

Let’s start, because the subject has a lot of things to be discussed.

Traveling to Morocco in times of pandemic

Without wishing to depress anyone more than necessary, it seems that the virus has brought us a new era, right?

Let’s face it: it’s been going on for two years now, and the best we can do is to get used to the fact that now and then we have to stay at home.

Or at least that’s what 2021 has taught us. In our newsletter back in May, we already said that we would never travel like we used to.

If you don’t agree or think we exaggerated, let’s take a look, and you’ll see…

Suppose you are a follower of our blog (if you are not yet, run to subscribe here), during 2021. In that case, you have been living with us the evolution of the pandemic and its consequences for tourism in Morocco in general and Kam Kam Dunes in particular.

We’d better not talk about the dates when we were closed and go straight to the action.

Thanks to vaccination, the country’s borders were opened on June 15, 2021, hallelujah!

Did the staff circulate as before the pandemic?

Well, no.

The opening was accompanied by health security measures never seen before:

  • Masks everywhere.
  • Disinfectant gel in abundance.
  • Social distance even on the beach.
  • Capacity reduction and control.
  • Temperature taking at the entrance of establishments.
  • Quarantine when entering the country for some nationalities.
  • Vaccination certificates as an indispensable requirement for travel.
  • Flexibility in the policies of cancellation of reservations.

In the beginning, we were all a bit disoriented, but soon we got used to it and started to enjoy it again because that is why the human being is the species that has been adapting to all the tricks of history.

And finally, our long-awaited moment: reopening on September 6 after the summer heat.

The reservations arrived, the travelers filled our fabulous Berber haimas again, the tours around the country were full again and the sunsets in the desert to be contemplated.

The desert is seen at dawn

We enjoyed again the magic moment when you arrive at Kam Kam Dunes and everything amazes you: the dunes, the tents, the silence of the desert…

At the same time, the vaccination campaign in Morocco is progressing at a good pace and we are relaxing, both hoteliers and travelers. Thanks in part to the fact that the sanitary measures were also loosening up, of course.

And at the end of November… zap! Omicron arrived to ruin everything.

Just when we could see the New Year’s Eve party shining on the horizon, the borders closed and everyone went home again.

Do you already see the closing-opening-closing cycle?

Travel to Morocco in 2022

And now what?

Well, as everything is cyclical, this will not last forever and before we know it we will be back together again.

But it’s not because we say so, it’s just that everything seems to indicate it.

As you can imagine, we are extremely unhappy to have to talk about this. However, we think that the responsible thing to do is to analyze the situation as objectively as possible, and that’s what the data is for.

It is a fact that the Moroccan state has made it very clear from the very beginning of the pandemic that health precaution was above T-O-D-O.

That, of course, is not good news for anyone: locals, ex-pats, businessmen, tourists, airlines… all have (have) kicked up a fuss about the overzealousness of the Moroccan authorities, albeit to no avail.

Is there anything positive in this attitude?

We hope so: their decision to shut down the country has dire consequences for Morocco’s economy, but on the B side of the coin, this solution keeps the virus at bay while the vaccination campaign continues apace.

In fact, at the beginning of January, 23.1 million of the country’s 36 million inhabitants had already been fully vaccinated: 63%.

And as far as infections are concerned, Morocco has a very moderate rate compared to other countries. To be exact, we are at 124 per hundred thousand inhabitants.

So, we hope that soon we will be allowed to enter the country and that by spring or earlier we will be back to full capacity.

And watch out for spring.

As we told you in our post about the best time to come to the desert of Morocco, it is the most pleasant season of the year because during the day the temperatures are still pleasant and at night the cold can be endured very well with a blanket.

And if you come to Kam Kam Dunes, we have some warm blankets that you can wrap up in while enjoying a cup of tea or a glass of wine under a megastar sky.

A girl on a camel riding through the desert, guided by a guide. Kam Kam Dunes

It is also a perfect time to take a ride on the back of a camel and admire the spectacle of a sunset in the desert; you have never seen such a wide range of shades: from orange to the darkest blue.

Well, let’s stop, we’re starting to sound nostalgic and we’re looking forward.

We hope it has become clear to you that in 2022 it will be possible to travel to Morocco even if we are still attached to face masks in enclosed places and vaccination certificates will be an essential document.

But what’s that compared to the thrill of experiencing the desert firsthand?

A girl in the desert looking at the sun, in her thoughts.
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