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Definitive guide to travel in Morocco

You may have heard that travel Morocco is in itself an adventure that is part of the plan.

Confirmed: that’s right.

So how to get around Morocco is a matter to pay attention to before leaving home. It is not that its roads are dangerous or that there is no public transport. But it is very likely that at some point you will be tempted to take a 4×4 on your own, even if it is just for a little while.

That’s why we have prepared this special, so that traveling in Morocco will be an unforgettable experience in a positive way and save you surprises.

Let’s get started.

First, decide where you want to go and the days you have available

Before going through the options for getting around Morocco. It is crucial that you think about what kind of trip you want, how much time you have and the places you are going to visit.

In case you don’t have it all clear, take a look at the post four ideas for sightseeing in Morocco. Once you have decided where and how to visit Morocco, you will know the best way to get there.

But let’s start with how to get there. It is a factor that will condition the way you travel through the territory.

How to get to travel Morocco

Traveling to Morocco is very easy thanks to its proximity. Did you know that there are only 14 km between the Iberian Peninsula and Morocco?

Although the alternatives are obvious, here they go: plane or boat.

For short stays, it is best to come by plane and, once inside the country, rent a car to travel in Morocco on your own or hire a tour like the ones we do in Kam Kam Dunes.

Our tours include transportation with a private driver and car, so you no longer have to worry about how to travel in Morocco.

If you have a longer vacation, you can consider coming by boat crossing the strait with your own vehicle. In this case you will be very interested in what we are going to tell you next.

But first, we must comment that if for whatever reason you are not traveling from Spain, it is best to go to any European airport with direct flights to Marrakech and from there move to where you have planned.

You are already in Morocco. What now?

Traveling by car in Morocco is one of the best experiences in the world.

Travel Morocco

If you’ve decided that going on your own is worth the extra planning involved, here are the options you have for traveling in Morocco on your own between and within cities.

Traveling in Morocco between cities

Let’s take a look at the most common ways to travel around Morocco:

#1 Traveling in Morocco by car or motorhome

If you have not traveled with your own vehicle there is another options. Renting a car or motorhome is a great option because it gives you a lot of freedom.

You just need to pay attention to the same as if you rent in any other country. Bring the driver’s license of the person who will be behind the wheel, pay with credit card -not debit card- and decide what kind of insurance you want.

Otherwise, leave your adventurous spirit in charge and keep your eyes open, because on the roads of Morocco you may encounter other vehicles, but also animals or people on foot from one place to another.

This is mostly on secondary roads and highways, of course. On highways it is not usual.

And refueling? Well, the same thing. On the highways there is no problem, but on the secondary roads you never know for sure where you will be able to fill up.

As for going in a van, the only thing to keep in mind if you are going off the main roads, is that there will be trails for which its dimensions and wheels are not prepared.

And that if you want to come to the Moroccan desert, you will have to park the motorhome in the nearest town and continue by 4×4.

Desert driving experience

#2 Traveling in Morocco by motorcycle

Traveling in Morocco with your motorcycle is a highly recommended experience if you like to go on the road.

Just like driving a car, you need to have all the documentation related to the driver and the vehicle in order:

  • Driver’s documentation: valid driver’s license and passport -minimum six months validity.
  • Motorcycle documentation: registration certificate in the driver’s name, insurance and green card. And if it is rented, the contract.

And don’t forget to give it a complete overhaul before you come, especially if you plan to leave the asphalt roads.

#3 Traveling in Morocco by bus

Moving from one city to another in Morocco by bus is undoubtedly the most economical way.

But of course, it is also the least fast because you have to stick to their schedules. ¡They are not always on time!

Apart from these considerations, moving by bus in Morocco is very safe and has the advantage that there are multiple companies that cover routes between the most important cities and also reach the most remote villages.

#4 Traveling Morocco by train

Somewhat more expensive than the bus, but also more regular in its schedules. Traveling in Morocco by train is possible because it has a fairly extensive railway network covering most of the territory.

In addition to conventional trains, there is the high-speed train, which currently has four stations: Tangier, Kenitra, Rabat and Casablanca.

Although you will see people hitchhiking, biking and donkey riding. These four are the most common ways to travel in Morocco. Let’s now turn to the alternatives if you are going to visit some of the larger cities in the country.

Getting around the cities in Morocco

Although in the larger cities there are buses and even streetcars, cabs are undoubtedly the most used means of transport to move around Morocco. You are sure to use them because they are comfortable and cheap.

Traveling by cab in Morocco

Be careful, because there are big and small cabs –grand and petit taxis-: the big ones cover journeys outside the cities and the small ones circulate in urban areas.

Also keep in mind that you will find official and unofficial ones -you know, individuals who offer mobility services in their own car-. Whichever one you hire, be sure to agree on a price before you ride to avoid misunderstandings later.

Now we just need a few tips to make your Moroccan trip a success.


Tips for traveling in Morocco

Whether traveling in Morocco or anywhere else in the world, here is a tip. It is important not to forget the essential trio: documents in order, vehicle checked and a GPS to guide you.

From there, remember that you are in Africa. It’s a wonderful country that has its own tempo and for which you need patience and common sense.

So that would be our best advice for traveling in Morocco. Leave the rush at home and apply common sense when you find yourself in situations you don’t understand.

And if you prefer not to complicate things, forget about delays and move comfortably enjoying the scenery. We will take you. You just have to see the different tours we have or contact us so we can design a customized one for you.

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