Is December a good time to visit Morocco?

The answer to the question of whether you should come for Christmas and New Year’s Eve in December is a resounding yes. Morocco has many reasons, both theirs and ours that make these two days stand out as highly anticipated by visitors from all over world.

The traditions here couldn’t be more different than those back home but this Mystical country offers something special so it won’t feel like just any other vacation destination!

The Morocco weather in December

Although the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Morocco is that it is extremely hot, it’s more likely to have a lot of contrasts since it’s a large country that has everything.

Like we explain in the post The best time to go to Morocco desert, the weather is very different if you are at the north or at the south where Kam Kam Dunes is located.

In December, as in the rest of the year, temperatures on the north coast are warmer and with little contrast between day and night. Instead, as you move south and inland, the desert climate makes its appearance.

What does this mean?

Well, in December in the Moroccan desert during the day the sun shines, warming the atmosphere up to 20 ° C and at sunset the temperatures drop extremelly.

But don’t panic, this will not prevent you from spending unforgettable nights in the desert, which is the highlight of coming to Moroccan lands. What’s more, as the day gets shorter, you have more hours to contemplate the millions of stars that are seen in these light conditions.

Thanks to the shorter days, you also have more time to enjoy elaborate dinners and evenings around a bonfire or in our chill out to the rhythm of the Berber drums while having a glass of wine or a mint tea.

And you don’t have to worry about the cold when it’s time for sleep: all our haimas have heating, sheets, and blankets of top quality so nothing much to worry about, but hey! don’t forget your winter pajama.

Haima en Marruecos dentro del desierto de Merzouga en Kam Kma Dunes

With the issue of nights resolved, actually, December in Morocco is wonderful because during the day you can take advantage of routes and activities that in summer you can not because of the hot temperature.

A hiking route through the dunes, a mountain bike tour of the desert or a quad excursion is a joy.

And after the activity of the day, a shower and a good dinner contemplating the stars are the best, for that all our tents have a private bathroom with a shower and hot water.

Yes, yes, all of them, despite being made in the traditional Berber way.

Baño interior de una Haima de lujo en el medio del desierto de Merzouga en Marruecos dentro del alojamiento Kam Kam Dunes

what to wear in morocco in december

And here comes the second part of the story of coming to Morocco in December: the clothes.

It’s December. You’re packing for Morocco. What should you wear?

Well, do not complicate yourself too much because what proceeds on trips like this is to bring comfortable outfits and dress in layers.

This is what you have to put in your suitcase. Take note:

Long sleeves for the day, sweatshirts, comfortable shoes for walking and a good warm jacket for the hours when the cold strikes. And if the jacket is waterproof, even better, it can rain in December.

If not, get yourself a light raincoat that fits in your backpack and that’s it.

Apart from clothes, you must bring a cap, sunscreen and insect repellent , which are the must in your suitcase throughout the year if you come to Morocco. And in winter, too.

To this add a scarf and gloves and you have everything to spend a few days in the Moroccan winter.

Now, if you are going to spend New Year’s Eve or Christmas in a traditional hotel in cities like Marrackech, Fez or Rabat, check if they have special dinners for Westerners on those days, what is the dress code and prices, which are usually high.

But if you want to start a new year in the desert and celebrate a different New Year’s Eve, you just need comfortable clothes. And if you do it in Kam Kam Dunes you will also have to be ready for a good meal, because our chef designs a more than special menu.

What to do in December in Morocco

In addition to the December long weekend (for Spaniards), Christmas and especially New Year’s Eve are the great events of the month, although it is not a Catholic country and they do not celebrate Christmas.

That is precisely why a trip to Morocco puts you in completely disconnection mode.

And it is that except in the big cities, where they are not abundant either, forget about trees full of garlands, lights, Christmas carols and compulsory purchases.

Goodbye to traffic jams, commitments and gifts.

In exchange for December in Morocco you will find normality in the streets, schools and shops since they are working days like any other. In fact, there are locals who do not even know that it is Christmas for other cultures.

In addition, December is a month in which the whole country is considerably less crowded with travelers than at other times of the year when the introduction of personnel and traffic is much higher.

In short, December is a month that has the perfect conditions to get to know the best of Morocco without crowds, including the desert.

If you want to make the most of your trip, take a tour visiting hot spots and finish the last days in Kam Kam Dunes.

Apart from enjoying desert like no other without heat at New Year’s Eve party we organize every year for our guests; this time there will be delicacies such as tagine or lobster and with good wines!

To round off the night’s plan we have a local group that plays live and then we play music for those who want to extend the party under the starry sky of the Erg Chebbi desert.

Conclusion: coming to Morocco in December is for you if…

  • You don’t like crowds.
  • You are looking for a different place to spend your New Year’s Eve.
  • You run away from the consumer stress of Christmas.
  • You want to get rid of holiday commitments.
  • You hate Christmas traffic jams.

If you’re thinking about booking a trip to the Kam Kambats, book now because we don’t have many free spots left.

Musica de nochevieja en el desierto de marruecos para fin de año en Erg Chebbi en Kam Kam Dunes
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