Which Morocco are you interested in visiting? We propose you the essential routes

Choosing the right Morocco route for your tastes, time availability and budget is not an easy task as this country has a lot to see.

The good news is that there are many routes in Morocco but the itineraries are similar since there is only one road from Marrakech to Merzouga and from Merzouga to Fez, which makes choosing where to go deep is relatively easy.

It all depends on what kind of traveler you are: a sportsman, a lover of Moroccan culture and history or a fan of the desert.

Here we are going to propose routes in Morocco for all tastes, so you can decide which one is yours.

Let’s get down to business, there’s a lot of material to cut.

Shared or private tour?

Let’s start by explaining that for tours in Morocco you can choose to go on your own or rely on professionals to take you where you want in a customized tour by us or one already preconfigured..

There is also another detail you should decide before coming: do you want a shared tour or do you prefer a private one?

In case you are not entirely clear about what each one consists of… here we explain it to you.

A shared tour is one in which an agency picks up several travelers with the same transportation to go from the city of entry to the country to their destination.

The pick up is usually in different places as they usually travel between 10 and 15 people belonging to different groups. And of course, this slows down the start of the route.

In addition, the driver is not a guide, so when you make stops at the points of interest along the route, he will not explain details about them or take you to the less crowded and more authentic places.

Of course, the main advantage of the shared tour is the price. It requires more patience and more time for travel, but, hey, if your bank account is not to be overdrawn, it is a very good option.

In contrast, there are the private tours to tour Morocco at your own pace, with an expert guide and driver who speaks your language and knows all the stories and shortcuts along the way.

If you choose this option, the guide picks you up and takes you on the trip without waiting for anyone else, making stops at key places and taking you to lunch whenever you want, without the need to adapt to the schedules of a group.

Conclusion: a shared tour is cheap but full of unnecessary stops and no guide, while a private tour is totally personalized.

You decide:

Coche 4x4 en una ruta privada por el desierto de Merzouga en Marruecos

The best routes to discover Morocco (with a reasonable budget and time) H2

If you are thinking about routes in Morocco, we assume that you are looking for some adventure but knowing what you are going for and making sure you have some of the highlights.

Well, here are two different approaches, so that you can decide which Morocco you are interested in visiting.

1 Routes in Morocco for those who prefer culture and history

To understand everything you are going to see in Morocco you have to know that this diversity is due to the fact that throughout history very different civilizations have influenced the country.

The Phoenicians, the Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire have passed through here. And that only until the 6th century. However, the Berbers remained firm in the mountain territories during this period.

Then came Islam and later European colonization, which ended with the withdrawal of France and Spain in the mid-1950s, when Morocco finally regained its independence.

After such a parade, you can imagine that what you will find there is of tremendous richness and variety.

To enjoy it as it deserves, in your route through Morocco you have to include some imperial cities such as Marrakech and Fez and, by the way, Meknes.

Fez and Marrakech are undoubtedly the most interesting at a cultural level, that’s why in our tours we include them, so that you can immerse yourself in its palaces, souks and medinas.

Depending on the days you have available, go to one or both. What we do recommend if you can afford it on your route through Morocco is to spend at least two days in each of them.

And if you still have more time, Meknes is about 60 km from Fez and is so monumental that it is called the Moroccan Versailles.

Rutas por Fez en Marruecos puerta ciudad azul

2 Routes in Morocco for those who love nature

And we move from man-made beauties to those that are the work of nature.

The queen of the routes in Morocco is one in which you can admire the natural contrasts of the country and immerse yourself in the desert, especially in Erg Chebbi for the immensity of its dunes.

Whether you leave Fez or Marrakech, on your way to the desert you can travel through the Valley of the Roses or the Route of the Thousand Kasbahs via the Todra Gorges and the Dades Valley.

What will you find in this journey?

200-meter rocky canyons with walls carved by erosion in the Todra, impressive palm groves in the Dades Valley and the Route of the Thousand Kasbahs, as well as Berber fortresses such as Aït Ben Haddou, a ksar declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco and the setting for blockbusters such as Lawrence of Arabia, Gladiator and Game of Thrones.

And after these wonders, you arrive at the Great Desert of Erg Chebbi (Sea of Dunes), where Kam Kam Dunes is located.

You will find routes in Morocco that include another desert but you have to know that not all Moroccan deserts are equal.

If what you are looking for is to see sand as far as the eye can see, throw yourself from the top of an endless dune rolling like a croquette and ride 150 meters on a quad at full throttle, come to Erg Chebbi.

Not to mention sleeping in the desert…

It is something that you have to do in any of the routes through Morocco that you choose.

That is why all our tours include a minimum of one night in Erg Chebbi.

Is it worth planning more than one night in the desert on Morocco tours?

Absolutely yes.

If you come for only one night you will not have time to see the sunrise and sunset in the desert (on camelback or not) or take the quad bike, which are two of the favorite activities of all our visitors.

rutas a camello de aventura por el desierto de Merzouga en Erg Chebbi en Marruecos Kam Kam Dunes

There are as many routes through Morocco as there are travelers

These two routes through Morocco include the essentials, but there are many other ways to experience them and you can configure them according to your availability of time and budget.

In fact in Kam Kam Dunes, in addition to offering accommodation and activities in Erg Chebbi, we have tours that include the best of each of them and also tailor-made routes through Morocco.

If you have a travel in mind, tell us about it and we’ll take you wherever you want.

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