Price trip to Morocco

How much does it cost to travel to Morocco?

The price of a trip to Morocco is like everything in life: it depends.

Because if you want, this is a country that works luxury beautifully. And when we fall into certain categories, it depends on what you like to pay tribute to.

Since we assume that most of us are looking to travel at the best price… Let’s talk about what would be a good value-for-money trip to Morocco.

Grab your calculator, because when you finish reading you can have an estimate of how much a trip to Morocco might cost you.

Let’s get down to business.

General considerations on the price of a trip to Morocco

Let’s start by saying that this is a country where everything is quite affordable. The cost of living is gradually catching up with the European average. Prices are still kinder than in other destinations.

In fact, that’s one of the reasons why vacationing in Morocco is such a great idea.

That said, it is important to know that in high season everything goes up. Normal, isn’t it?

And when is high season?

Very simple: just consider what is the best time to travel to Morocco. And voila, there you have it. High season is from November to March because that’s when temperatures are more bearable, especially if you’re coming to the desert.

Those are the most popular months, there’s no doubt about it. But, and here’s the trick to getting a better price for everything, October is also a great month. And the same goes for April and May.

And to finish with the preview of how much it will cost you to travel to Morocco, we recommend that before calculating you decide what concept of experience you want. For example, if you want the desert, which is the jewel in the crown of the country, and some imperial cities.

If you do not have it very clear, you might be interested in the post from a few months ago in which we point out four travel ideas for sightseeing in Morocco and fell surrendered at his feet.

Now let’s get down to that price breakdown of a trip to Morocco.

Price of a trip to Morocco: transportation to the country

Traveling to Morocco from Spain is easy and fast. And of course, that makes the prices very good. And that is why there are many travelers from outside the Iberian Peninsula who take it as a link to come to Morocco.

The ways to get to the country are by plane or boat, that’s all. Well or swimming, but I think it is not the best option.

Even if you like to travel on your own and want to make a road trip with your own vehicle, you will have to end up riding a boat to cross the strait from Algeciras, Tarifa, Malaga, or Almeria.

How much does it cost to travel to Morocco

As for the prices, the best thing to do is to enter a search engine that compares prices. Then go to the companies’ websites to check them -or to buy them-.

But, as a guideline, here are the average prices for flights and ships:

  • A round-trip flight Madrid-Marrakech + 1 suitcase, can cost about 120 € with Ryanair.
  • A round trip ticket for one person + 1 car Algeciras-Tangier, can cost 290 € with Balearia.

Let’s move on to transportation.

Cost of a trip to Morocco: getting around the country

Travel in Morocco is cheap in general, that’s the truth.

The cheapest way to get from one city to another is by bus. To give you an idea, a trip from Marrakech to Merzouga, the closest town to Kam Kam Dunes, costs about 35 €.

It is also the slowest -it takes 15 hours- and uncomfortable because it is a shared transport and makes countless stops.

As far as the train is concerned, it is usually a bit more expensive than the bus but also more comfortable. Morocco’s railway network links the country’s main cities and even has several high-speed lines.

The catch is that you will then have to change to a bus or a car to get to the exact point you want to go to.

And speaking of cars, this is the most recommended means of transport to travel around Morocco at an affordable price and in the most direct way; you can rent a car for an average price of 78 € per day.

Add to that the gasoline and the insurance: the insurance can cost you an additional 20 € per day. As for the price of fuel, it’s better not to say anything, because the subject is burning.

Another option is to hire a tour with us in which an experienced driver makes stops at points of interest. In the meantime, he tells you details and anecdotes about the places you visit.

If this sounds like glory to you, contact us and we will give you a quote, we have several routes.

How much does it cost to drive in Morocco

Price of a trip to Morocco: accommodation

The price of accommodation is a factor that has a lot of weight in a trip to Morocco and anywhere.

In the case of Morocco, it changes a lot if you want to stay in “standard” hotels or in more special places like the Moroccan riads in the cities and the camps like Kam Kam Dunes in the desert.

So that we don’t show our colors, we will give you average prices for each of these three accommodations:

  • Hotel in Marrakech: 240 € per night in a double room.
  • Riad in Marrakech: 60 € per night in a double room including breakfast.
  • Camp in the desert: 180 € per night in a double tent with breakfast and dinner included.

As we said, these figures are within the average and you will surely find accommodations above and below these amounts: the date, the quality of the rooms or haimas if you have a private or shared bathroom… there are lots of variables that can affect the price of your trip to Morocco.

How much does accommodation cost in Morocco

Now that you know how much a trip to Morocco costs…

Having seen the most important items in the budget of a trip to Morocco, we can not fail to recommend that you take good account of its delicious cuisine away from franchises and chain restaurants.

Do yourself a favor and try Moroccan gastronomy in authentic places. They are also cheaper: a full meal per person can cost you between 5 and 10€.

And finally, don’t skimp on activities. There are activities for all budgets and it is what fills you up the most, the secret ingredient that makes your visit more than just a trip, it becomes an experience.

We know it well because we organize all kinds of adventures; camel rides at sunset, quad excursions in the dunes, or night raids to admire the megastar desert sky and we see the faces of the staff when they enjoy such experiences.

Select well what you want to do to squeeze your trip, make customized planning and you will see how the price of traveling to Morocco is more than affordable.

And if you have any doubts, just ask, that’s what we’re here for.

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