Why you should seriously consider proposing in the desert

If you have been lucky enough to find someone to spend the rest of your life with, go ahead and ask them without wasting another minute, please. It doesn’t always happen.

And while you’re at it, do it with an unforgettable, surprising, original event.

Do you know where we are going? Indeed: a marriage proposal in the Sahara desert is all that plus an experience in itself.

It will be hard for it not to stick in your heart. What do you think about proposing in the desert?

Sorry if we are getting cheesy. We have seen it many times because we have the honor that several couples get engaged in Kam Kam Dunes every year. The magic when it happens is real.

That’s why we’ve decided to dedicate a post to this type of event that we’re getting more and more demand for. This way, you’ll see why a proposal in the desert is something you should consider.

Let’s go.

Why a marriage proposal in the desert is a great idea

The desert is a unique setting for a special event. There is no doubt about that. But what makes it so extraordinary?

First, it is a different and exotic location in the middle of nature. The gestures are very different from those you can make in a restaurant, at home, on a bridge, or in a square.

No matter how much your partner notices something different, they would never think you will ask for their hand in the desert.

If you take them to Paris, Rome, or any of the typical proposal places of all times, they will like it, but in the desert, the impact of the surprise factor plays in your favor so that the answer can only be a “yes, I do”.

And if you take care of all the details, even more. And that’s where we are unbeatable, dear Kam Kam Dunes.

Let’s get down to business.

You can get an idea of what awaits you at a marriage proposal in the Sahara desert. You’ll be surrounded by giant dunes and with a choreography that not even the Bolshoi Ballet of Moscow.

The preliminaries of the perfect proposal in the desert

I’m sure we all agree that the climax of a story is just as important as the hype that precedes it.

That’s why, before you stand in front of your better half and ask her to marry you, it’s great to create a good vibe, make fun plans together and top it off with a good shower.


A camel ride in the desert is one of our star activities, as well as riding through the dunes on a quad bike at full throttle.

If you are more relaxed, visiting the Berber nomads to learn firsthand about their lifestyle is also very entertaining.

After that, back to the camp to freshen up with a good shower because all our haimas have private bathrooms. And with first-class amenities, for the record.

And with the high of living in the desert… the show must go on!

The best time for the proposal of marriage in the desert

At dawn, dusk, or at night under the stars?

Another decision you have to make is when.

Be careful. The weather is a variable to consider and depends on the time of the year when you come to the desert of Morocco. Maybe there is no decision because the heat forces you to do it at dawn, dusk, or night.

Unless you come to Morocco in December, January or February, it should be because the daytime temperatures are scorching the rest of the year, and we do not recommend it.

Discarding the daytime for most of the year, we are left with. In addition, the decoration we put up looks much better. You can extend it until nightfall, a spectacle that can only be experienced in the desert, with its gradient of blues and oranges in the line that separates the sand from the sky.

Which one do we like best?

Although it competes closely with the sunrise, we prefer the sunset for the colors at sunset.

Proposal in the desert with a picnic

In addition, the decoration we put up looks much better. You can extend it until nightfall, a spectacle that can only be experienced in the desert, with its gradient of blues and oranges in the line that separates the sand from the sky.

And at nightfall… a blanket of stars in the middle of the silence of the Sahara awaits you.

And at the same time, you save yourselves the early morning. Asking for a lifetime at the beginning of a new day in the desert has a profound meaning. We will not be the ones to take the idea out of your head 😉.

Whatever the occasion, at Kam Kam Dunes, we make sure that no detail is missing in the wedding set’s decoration.


The setting in the desert

To be a total surprise and for you to have privacy, we start by setting up the proposal in a location a little away from the camp. It is a very intimate moment and requires tranquility.

You leave Kam Kam Dunes by 4×4 or camel with the excuse of contemplating the dunes from a strategic point that, until now, you did not know 😉.

And suddenly, you see an area decorated with carpets, cushions, candles, petals, trays ready for a snack… “OU? What is this?”

It’s the setting for the first day of the rest of your life!

Decoration for the wedding proposal

A place created exclusively for you with a mix of styles that we could call boho Moroccan, comfortable but authentic and remote but cared for down to the smallest detail.

Tea and sweets so typical of Moroccan gastronomy, champagne and fruit, a dinner complete with wine, the ring kept in a box decorated in our style, photos of your life together until then… whatever you want.

Ask for it. If it is within our reach, you will have it.

Whatever it takes to make your proposal in the desert a step full of meaning and positive energy for you.

If reading this makes your heart boom and you want to organize a marriage proposal in the Sahara, send us an email or arrange a video call with us, and together we will plan the event of the century to suit you.

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